Who's Eligible?

Any boy, who is of the Jewish Faith, of high school age and who resides in the locality which is under the jurisdiction of the Chapter interested in him, is potentially a candidate for membership in Sigma Alpha Rho.


Every candidate for membership in Sigma Alpha Rho Fraternity International must go through the following steps before he can gain status of "Brother."

1. BID

Any Jewish boy who is eligible for membership may be extended a Bid to become a pledge of a chapter by any Brother who is a member of that Chapter. No Bid may be voted pledgeship until he has been interviewed by the chapter meeting in a body. No candidate should be a bid for more than one month.


A Bid becomes a Pledge by Chapter approval. All bids must take the Official Sigma Alpha Rho Pledge Ritual before becoming a pledge. All pledges must be registered with the International Rho Chairman. Being a pledge does not permit the candidate to attend business meetings of the chapter or wear any insignia of the Fraternity (except a pledge pin).

The pledge shall be responsible to and shall respect the requests of all Brothers in Sigma Alpha Rho. Note: Physical punishment or hazing of any sort is not permitted in Sigma Alpha Rho and must not be engaged in by any Chapter or Brother.

The period of pledgeship for a candidate for Sigma Alpha Rho is one of formal training in all aspects of Fraternity Life. It is during this period of time that a pledge becomes familiear with the chapter process plus the responsibilities involved in being a Brother in Sigma Alpha Rho. The emphasis for a pledge furing this period is one which will enable him to assume full activitiy upon his induction.

The most important part of pre-Brother development is the assignment of actual chapter activities to be wholly -planned by the pledge. The Rho Chairman should assign each pledge a series of projects in each area of chapter endeavor and the relative success of each of these projects should go a long way toward determining when a given pledge is ready for induction. Specifically, pledges should plan and carry out: a social, an athletic event, a publication, a religious event, and a community service event. These activities shall be called pledge committee assignments and each pledge shall report on the progress of his committee at every meeting. By participating in the planning of these affairs, the pledge will be ready to assume a chapter committee upon his induction.

Every pledge must also be familiear with othe aspects of Sigma Alpha Rho. If a pledge is not aware of our Fraternity, history, customs, laws, and procedures, he will be uncomfortable in a chapter meeting upon his induction. The following are areas every pledge should know:

  1. The History of Sigma Alpha Rho, its origin, growth, and present day status;
  2. All Chapter and Fraternity songs by memory;
  3. Parliamentary Procedure. The pledge should be required to study the parliamentary procedure section of the handbook;
  4. All Fraternity Officers - International , Chapter, and Council by name;
  5. The duties of all Fraternity Officers - International, Chapter, and Council;
  6. Functions of all chapter committees;
  7. What is a District Council - and its specific duties;
  8. What awards and scholarships are offered by the International Fraternity - the purpose and rules governing each
  9. All Fraternity Courtesies and Manners
  10. Full name of every active Brother in Chapter

Besides knowing the above list plus participating in Pledge Committees, each pledge should be explained the concept of Fraternalism and Commitment prior to his induction. Each pledge should know why Sigma Alpha Rho is so special to its Brothers.


The constructive initiation is arranged by the Rho Committee of the Chapter or Council to determine the sincerity of the candidate and should be in the form of some charitable or civic activity. Upon completion of this initiation satisfactorily, the candidate enters the next phase of becoming a Brother.


The final step requires the candidate to successfully pass the uniform written handbook test.


The Induction is the ritual ceremony. The Candidate who receives the ritual becomes an active member of the Chapter to which he has pledges and of Sigma Alpha Rho Fraternity International.

NOTE: A Blackball Vote is considered undemocratic. A 2/3 or majority vote by the Chapter is recommended for approval of a man's induction into the Fraternity.