To all high school graduates and those brothers attending college:

 We offer scholarships!

 A Rathblott Scholarship is probably the finest thing that can be said of Sigma Alpha Rho... that we have the “Irving Rathblott Memorial Scholarship Fund.”

 Irv Rathblott, Past Supreme Exalted Ruther, “Mr. Sigma-Alpha Rho” will be remembered always.  Irving Rathblott died serving our country on January 9, 1945 during World War II.  The Irving Rathblott Memory Scholarship Fund was set up in his memory to send many Sigma Alpha Rho Brothers to college by giving them their start in the form of cash scholarships.  In 1959, at the Sigma Rho’s Conclave in Camden, New Jersey, the fund was enlarged by giving Brothers the opportunity to apply for scholarships at Sigma Rho’s Conclave as well as at our Annual Convention.  This fund is supported through the pennies, nickels, dimes and dollars of SAR men.  Almost all Chapters in SAR have events to raise money for the fund.  It’s a great feeling to know that through your fund raising activities and donations to the Irving Rathblott Memorial Scholarship Fund, you have a share in the success of each brother who has benefited from its aid.

 Scholarships are awarded based on 1) Fraternal Activity, 2) Financial Aid, and 3) Scholastic Achievement.

 Applications can be requested by emailing or calling 856-830-1600 and asking for Carl Bagell.