SAR LEADERSHIP - The Core of Fraternity Business
The Supreme Board of Chancellors is the executive body of the Fraternity. Between the bi-annual sessions of the International Executive Council, the Supreme Board also acts in a legislative capacity.
The S.B.C. hears and decides all appeals on any matter pertaining to the good and welfare of Sigma Alpha Rho. It is delegated with the power and authority to levy taxes, raise or lower induction fees, and impose special assessments and fines. It may declare any chapter or brother inactive by a majority vote and, after a fair trial in which it acts as both judge and jury, it may impeach any officer of the fraternity.
The S.B.C. is the most powerful body in S.A.R., with the exception of the International Executive Council in session. It is the ruling and guiding hand of the Fraternity. Its rulings and actions however, are subject to appeal to the Judicial Tribunal on constitutional or ritual interpretations, and to the International Executive Council on Legislative acts.

International Executive Council Meeting in Stamford, CT at the 2002
Summer Convention at the Connecticut Beaches


The Judicial Tribunal is the Court of Appeals of Sigma Alpha Rho. It interprets all constitutional and ritual points after being appealed to by any unit of the fraternity.  The interpretation of the Judicial Tribunal shall be final, subject, however, to constitutional and ritual revision by the International Executive Council in session. The Judicial Tribunal has no original jurisdiction. It may only interpret those points and render final decisions on appeals taken to it by the Supreme Board, Chapter, Council, or Brother.

The Judicial Tribunal plans its own procedure. Such procedure, however must include a notice to all parties involved with full opportunity for them to present their case to the Judicial Tribunal. It has power to subpoena any member of the fraternity and direct him to appear before any of its sessions to provide information on any matter. All decisions in every matter shall be delivered by written opinion. The tribunal also works on scholarships.

CONSTITUENTS: The Judicial Tribunal is composed of five judges elected by the International Executive Council for three years. Two justices are elected each year. A brother, when elected shall not be an active officer of Sigma Alpha Rho or a member of the Supreme Board of Chancellors. The Judicial Tribunal shall elect its own Chief Justice.

The District Council Boards take care of the day to day business of the fraternity for each specific area. The board members assist the Supreme Board of Chancellors in visiting chapters. Each council also acts as a stepping stone to the Supreme Board itself. It is actually a body composed of at least two delegates from each active chapter in the locality. All legislative power of the council is vested in this body. The executive power, so necessary to stimulate activity and to lead the associated chapters, is vested in the Exalted Ruler, Grand Ruler, Grand Exchequer, and Grand Scribe (president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary - basically corresponding to both its chapter officers (Sigma Rho as Sacred Ruler or president, Mu Rho as Mortal Ruler or vice president, and so forth) as well as its Supreme Board counterparts (i.e. Supreme Exalted Ruler as president, Supreme Mortal Ruler as vice president, etc.) Most councils also have one or more Member-at-Larges. All the officers serve for a term of one year. The council sees to the continued strength and growth of its member chapters through such programs as inter-chapter relations within the council. The Exalted Ruler serves as a liaison between the District Council and the Supreme Board of Chancellors reporting to them of his council's problems and progress.


Jason Eric Saylor, Zeta Xi
Supreme Exalted Ruler

Jason Saylor

Alex Shelow, Sigma Phi
Past Supreme Exalted Ruler

Alex Shelow

Jacob Balaban, Phi
Executive Director

Jake Balaban


Nathan Strauss
Associate Justice
Supreme Exalted Ruler 1948-49
International Honorary Active

Larry Blumenthal
Associate Justice
Supreme Exalted Ruler 1985-88, 1992-93
International Honorary Active

Carl Bagell
Associate Justice
Supreme Exalted Ruler  1972-74
International Honorary Active
Fraternity Auditor

Stuart Discount
Associate Justice
Supreme Exalted Ruler 1976-78, 1980-81, 1989
International Honorary Active