By Supreme Exalted Ruler Jason Eric Saylor

“Our organization, our principles, our rituals are ideals and ideas of young adolescent men adopted for the young man by the young man!”

Sigma Alpha Rho Fraternity, International, Inc (ΣΑΡ) is a youth run, youth led Fraternity open to all Jewish high school students. SAR emphasizes independence as brothers organize and run any event they wish in order to develop skills for later in life. Brothers participate in democratically run groups, known as chapters, guided by locally and nationally elected volunteer leaders. The objectives of the organization are as follows:
• To provide our brothers with the opportunities to gain leadership skills and develop their leadership potential to their fullest capabilities.
• To help Jewish youth develop a positive self-image.
• To encourage the development of friendships among Jewish youth.
• To teach young men social skills that will benefit them throughout their lifetime.
• Sigma Alpha Rho Men are always gentlemen—always courteous.
• The creation of lifelong friendships to create extensive social networks.
The multitude of opportunities available through the Fraternity prepares members for success in all aspects of their life. Every brother inducted since November 18, 1917 enjoys these benefits.

Of all the words in the English language, I believe that the word 'fraternalism' is the one which is most expressive of a condition imaginative and visionary rather than tangible and real. When the germ of it is once injected into anyone, it will cause a marked change in the life of that one, in his attitude toward his fellow man, toward life itself, yet so gradual, so unnoticeable will be that change that one cannot point to any phase of it and charge it to fraternalism.

I have the honor today of belonging to a number of fraternal orders, most of them far older, wealthier and more powerful than Sigma Alpha Rho, but none of them can compare their rituals with ours, none of them can present ideals and principles so well founded as ours. And none of them can show so complete an inculcation of its principles in its members as ours. That is because our organization, our principles, our rituals were ideals and ideas of young adolescent men adopted for the young man by the young man.

Look over our roster of members, pick out the names of those who are beginning to make a mark for themselves in life and you will find them all to be men who have given all to the fraternity, active serious workers in their day. For the incomparable training that one receives while submerging himself in the work of Sigma Alpha Rho cannot be duplicated in any school, in any course. It is with pride that I sit in the meetings of older established organizations and find that the young men who are forging ahead to leadership by reason of their ideas, their personalities and their energies are all Sigma Alpha Rho men.

Personally, I have found that the training, the friendships, the confidence I attained in Sigma Alpha Rho have been the means of molding my whole attitude toward mankind, of establishing my capacity for carrying on in this world.

If I were to advise a young initiate into the fraternity, it would be to throw himself into the work of Sigma Alpha Rho without reservation, to work zealously, ardently, religiously for the progress and dissemination of our principles; he need not fear of reward, it will appear in his own soul. It has proven so with others, it will be so for him - let him remember - "the recompense is great!"

--Leon S. Rosenthal (SER 1922-25)