The War Memorial

In Philadelphia's Fairmount Park is a small piece of ground hallowed by Sigma Alpha Rho. Here stands a young ash tree. Sunk in the ground a foot in front is a stone shaft bearing these engraved words on a metal plaque: "Living Memorial for Our Brothers of Sigma Alpha Rho who have died for their country in World War II." The tree, a "living memorial" to SAR's 35 Brothers who died serving the United States during World War II, was dedicated at impressive ceremonies on January 21, 1945. More than 400 persons trudged up the snow-covered park road to the dedication site. They formed a part circle, horse-shoe shape, around the memorial stone. Cold weather made it impossible to plant the tree then. At exactly 2:30 p.m., a troop of Boy Scouts, led by a group of Jewish World War I veterans from West Philadelphia, marched up. Flags were held high. A bugle sounded. Six soldiers from the Philadelphia Armory took positions in the dedication area, rifles by their side.

Every year, Brothers and alumni pay tribute to our fallen comrades as Brothers, countrymen, and Jews. For they gave the ultimate sacrifice.

The tree, still standing, casts a shadow over the plaque which bears the names of the Fraternity men lost in service of their country. Below, these names can be found:

Irving Warshauer, Theta Theta Julius Mincowsky, Theta Iota
Herman Cohen, Lambda Joseph Paul, Omega
Gerson Cohen, Theta Eta Eugene Rosner, Zeta Theta
Martin Davis, Theta Xi Leonard Schnessel, Delta
Bernard Defren, Theta Iota Jack Shapiro, Theta Epsilon
Murray Drucker, Tau Omega Sidney Steelman, Lambda
Edmund Eshwegi, Zeta Sigma Abraham Zwanetsky, Xi
Joseph Felix, Theta Theta Leonard Marcus, Omega
Harry First, Lambda Max Melemed, Zeta
Jack Gordon, Theta Theta Harold Pastner, Tau Xi
William Gordon, Theta Xi Irving Rathblott, Omega
Simon Greenbaum, Eta Julius Sachs, Nu Beta
Israel Margolis, Nu Beta Norman Schoenberg, Lambda
Philip Isis, Theta Iota Nathan Sherman, Gamma
Joseph Feigelman, Delta Calvin Ungar, Zeta Theta
Morris Jacobs, Lambda Harry Winston, Lambda
Al Lowenthal, Zeta Theta Jerome Fields, Zeta Iota
Monroe Horowitz, Upsilon Kappa