Fraternity Courtesy and Manners

Sigma Alpha Rho Men are always gentleman -- always courteous. Below are a few of the most important rules that Brothers must follow to the letter:
  1. Always rise and applaud when a Past or the Present Supreme Exalted Ruler or an International Honorary Active Brother arrives at a function or addresses a Fraternity group.
  2. All members of the Fraternity should be addressed as "Brother" in correspondence and at meetings.
  3. Always address the chair by the highest title the chair holds -- and the Brothers present -- such as "Brother Sigma Rho and Fellow Brothers" -- before speaking at a Fraternity meeting.
  4. When running election meetings or inductions, Council or Chapter, it is customary to allow the highest Fraternity officer present to preside. The highest Fraternity officer present should be called upon to render the invocation at any Chapter, Council, or International function at which an invocation is proper.
  5. Supreme Board members are always guests of a Chapter or Council at a meeting. They should always be called on to address the group. Representatives from other Chapters are also considered guests at a Chapter meeting. They should be called upon for a Chapter report. Generally, they do not have the privilege of discussion or voting on Chapter business, although any matter directly affecting both Chapters may be discussed without any violation of Parliamentary rules or order by both Chapters.
  6. Supreme Board members are always guests of a Chapter or Council at affairs and social functions except when there is a definite per capita cost to the group. Financial obligations of Board members at such affairs are optional to the Chapter or Council.
  7. Complimentary tickets to Chapter-run affairs should be accorded to all Exalted Rulers, Council Board Members, and Sigma Rho's, except when there is a definite per capita cost to the group. All International Honorary Active men shall be accorded the same rights, privileges, and courtesies as Past Supreme Exalted Rulers.
  8. If, by any chance, a meeting of a Chapter is interrupted by a non-Fraternity member (such as a parent of the Brother in whose home the meeting is being held), all business should cease immediately, and the Chapter should rise as a body at the entrance of such visitors. Business is resumed upon their departure.
  9. When a visiting Chapter is present at another Chapter's meeting because business is to be transacted which affects them (such as releases and transfers), such business should be taken up as soon as possible after their entrance to the meeting.
  10. Fraternity courtesy is no different than social courtesy. The best rule is a person's judgment. Remember always to be courteous and kind, not only to your Brothers, but their parents and friends, and all others with whom you come in contact.
  11. Brothers should not use any profanity when speaking at any meeting or when non-Fraternity members are nearby. Nor shall they use any profanity in any Fraternal publication.